Always enjoy playing in a studio, it sounded so perfect. I was told the room was acoustically treated with acoustic panels strategically place to blend with the interior. Awesome! “Like” us on facebook – Bu çekim “ZeroSix Plus” terasında gerçekleştirilmiştir. Sunum: Cenk Hasdal / BTV Istanbul Yapımcısı Çıkış parçası Tokat ve sıradışı klibi ile dikkatleri üzerine çeken Emir Yargın’ın, senaryo gibi kurguladığı [More]
My take on Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” This song has been an inspiration to me in many ways, and I wanted to do something special for my YouTube debut, so it seemed like a perfect fit. [More]
Me playing “Let Her Go” live and acoustic!! like my facebook You can download my album on iTunes for 3 and a half bucks here:
Kevin Hammond’s If You Want Me Back[Beg Me] or Beg Me-whatever you want to call it-covered finally in the history of youtube!!! Made a few mistakes, half-sleepy,started off kinda rough but, oh well If you [More]
Figured it out by watching his video on the balcony, sorry if its not accurate but i tried my best
So I came up with this totally by myself. I made this by ear, which causes the possibility of mistakes plausible. Hope you like it!
Had a ton of fun making this one with my sis while she was back home for winter break. Enjoy tags: latch disclosure official music video cover justin burke house music majestic tv sam smith [More]
“Without You” – Music and Lyrics © Emmett Glenn For lyrics, please press “Show More.” The morning dawns and I’m crawling out of bed My bath is drawn Wish I could lay my weary head [More]
© 2012 Kevin Walton “Little Arrow” Music Video. The new single from the album MOMENTUM. LYRICS: Words and music by Kevin Walton If i kissed a little arrow Shot it straight into your heart [More]